Water Quality

Providing clean drinking water is of paramount importance for the health of our residents. To help ensure your water is of the highest quality even as water comes into your home and through your faucets, plumbing and water heaters have many things along the way that can impact water quality.

View the 2017 City of White Rock Annual Water Report (PDF), the 2016 City of White Rock Annual Water Report (PDF), the 2015 City of White Rock Annual Report (PDF) or the 2014 EPCOR Annual Performance Report (PDF) for further information on water quality or visit the Documents Library for 2010 to 2014 Annual Performance Reports.

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The Drinking Water Protection Act (DWPA) prescribes regulations that limit the levels of certain contaminants in the water provided by public water systems. The City of White Rock's water supply is tested for many different microbiological indicators, organics and trace metal parameters. The City's Water Works Department tests for the following parameters according to the Health Canada's Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality Summary Table (PDF):

  • In-house
    • Conductivity
    • Free chlorine
    • NTU (turbidity)
    • pH
    • Temperature
    • Total chlorine

All the other parameters are tested by an external contractor as set by the Drinking Water Protection Act:

  • Metals
    • Arsenic
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Lead
    • Manganese
  • Microbiological
    • Escherichia Coli (e. coli)
    • Total Coliforms
  • Organics
    • Haloacetic Acids (HAAs)
    • Trihalomethanes (THMs)

Please note: water quality test results will be updated monthly. Last update was done December 11, 2018.