Johnston Road Gateway Feature

In 2011, the City of White Rock approved the Town Centre Urban Design Plan (PDF) that envisioned the Town Centre as a dynamic, people-friendly mixed commercial/residential centre with a thriving business environment. The Johnston Road Streetscape Revitalization Project, the Gateway Feature, and the Town Square project that the City is currently carrying out came out of the Town Centre Urban Design Plan (PDF), thanks to the community’s feedback.

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The Idea

For many years there has been a strong interest expressed by City Council, arts and cultural committees of Council, business leaders and members of the public for an landmark or ‘Gateway Feature’ (such as an archway) at the main entry point to the City at the intersection of North Bluff Avenue and Johnston Road.

This is in part due to City Council’s commitment to fostering an environment that differentiates White Rock from neighbouring communities and cities throughout Metro Vancouver by celebrating our unique seaside community, our lively arts and culture sector, our heritage, our Town Centre, and our desire for creating accessible public spaces that invite people to explore White Rock.


The Town Centre Urban Design Plan (PDF) recommends the inclusion of a ‘Gateway Feature' in the Town Centre - including a welcome feature / sign and plazas - located at the intersection of Johnston Road and North Bluff Road. The Gateway Feature is also referenced in the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) (PDF).

Once built, the Johnston Road Gateway Feature will create a prominent welcoming entrance to the main entry point into the City and increase the resident and tourist draw to the Johnston Road ‘cultural corridor’ and the Town Centre / Uptown area.