Aquifer Protection Plan

The City of White Rock purchased the Water Utility in October 2015. All of the city water is extracted from wells in the Sunnyside Uplands Aquifer. As part of the ongoing work to ensure sustainable delivery of potable water to the community the City requires a Ground Water Protection Plan. Protection of the aquifer is paramount to ensure a sustainable source of potable water for future generations.

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  2. Goals
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Stakeholder Consultation Completed
Review previous studies and publicly available information Completed
Derive a conceptual hydrogeological model for the Sunnyside Aquifer Completed
Develop a 3-Dimensional numerical groundwater model Completed
Identify and evaluate future operational alternatives to meet future demand Completed
Define well protection areas based on current and future modelling Completed
Evaluate potential impact of current and future water demands Completed
Summarize risks to groundwater supply Completed
Identify mitigation measures to reduce possible risks to groundwater supply Completed
Develop contingency plans Completed
Outline a long-term monitoring plan Completed
Make recommendations for regional initiatives to support sustainable practices Ongoing