Fields Status Report

Field Status

 Updated: September 13, 2019  

Referees/coaches are required to make the appropriate game day decisions concerning field playability. Poor decisions regarding playability will result in field closures for the following weekend.

  • Centennial Baseball Diamond: Closed for the season until March 2020
  • Centennial Field/Oval: Open
  • Peace Arch Elementary Field: Open

If water has accumulated in the goal mouth area, user groups are advised not to play as damage under these conditions is most likely to cause closure of the fields. Practicing is prohibited in the goal mouths to reduce the amount of wear and tear. Field lines should be maintained weekly for visibility; please ensure that there is a one metre set back along the side lines.

Important Information

  • Closed fields cannot be reopened by coaches, referees or associations.
  • Fields are not to be used for practice sessions. Practices should be held at all-weather facilities.
  • Please respect a one metre set back along the sidelines. Only linesmen should be in this one metre area.

Thank you for your cooperation have a great season!

Questions & Concerns

Questions and concerns can be directed to:
Engineering and Municipal Operations Department
877 Keil Street
White Rock, BC V4B 4V6
Phone: 604-541-2181
Email Operations