Johnston Road Streetscape Revitalization

Construction work for the Johnston Road Streetscape Revitalization Project started in Spring 2018. This project involved the reconstruction and beautification of Johnston Road’s streetscape, including:

  • New widened sidewalks and convenient crosswalks;
  • Create areas for seating such as outdoor Cafe seating along the newly widened sidewalks;
  • Tree-lined seating areas and green space; and
  • New technologies and planting strategies to allow replaced trees to grow and spread their roots without impacting pedestrian safety, business accessibility, and City utilities.

Simultaneous upgrades were made to the water, sewer and street infrastructure to help increase capacity and improve the watermains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers to better serve this growing neighbourhood.

Johnston Road improvements will contribute to the revitalization of Johnston Road as White Rock’s commercial and cultural ‘high street’ as well as the gateway into our beautiful City by the Sea!

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The project started in March of 2018 and completed in November 2018.

Building New Water and Sewer Infrastructure and Decommissioning the old: 

Aging infrastructure is part of the normal life cycle of any municipality. Work to provide critical upgrades to water and sewer connections are now complete for phase 1 of the Johnston Road Revitalization project. Phase 2 is under design. Check out construction pictures below.