Vehicle Parking

Vehicle Parking Banner

The new Official Community Plan contains several policies related to vehicle parking, including setting the number of electric vehicle charging stations required in new developments (1 for every 10 spaces provided), and noting the City will consider requiring fewer parking spaces for new rental apartments where tenants have good access to transit.

Parking Supply

The City wants to manage the parking supply in new developments so that there is not a situation of oversupply (unused parking spaces which are costly to construct and affect affordability) or undersupply (where residents park on the street and occupy spaces depended on by businesses). The OCP also seeks to improve the pedestrian experience in the Town Centre and use land efficiently by redeveloping existing surface parking lots into buildings with underground parking.


The White Rock Zoning Bylaw currently requires 1.2 parking spaces for each unit in a typical apartment building (condo and rental), and an additional 0.3 spaces is required per unit for visitor parking, for a total of 1.5 parking spaces per unit.

By contrast, earlier versions of the Zoning Bylaw only required 1.0 space per unit, whereas some recently approved developments with site-specific zoning (‘Comprehensive Development’ or CD zoning) have proposed as many as 3.0 parking spaces per unit.