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To conduct your business in White Rock, you must have a valid business licence. Learn about the different types of business licences you can get in White Rock.

When do you need to have a Business Licence

If you are doing an activity of any kind or nature that is for the purpose of gain or profit, including but not limited to: providing professional, personal or other services, registered not for profits, or residential rentals. The details of regulating business licences with the City of White Rock is established under the White Rock Business Licence Bylaw 1997, No. 1510.

If a business does operate with the City of White Rock without a valid business licence, the business may be subject to fines from the City’s Bylaw Enforcement Division.

How do you obtain a Business Licence

The City of White Rock, through the MyWhiteRock has an online portal for submitting your business licence application. The online account for your business licence will enable you to make your application, pay annual renewals, make updates and changes to your licence as well print your business licence.

Before selecting a location for your business, it is important that you select a location that your business is allowed under the City of White Rock’s Zoning Bylaw. The Zoning Bylaw regulates what type of businesses are allowed in certain areas of the City.

If you are making alterations to the building or suite, a building permit may be required in advance of your business licence. Review to determine if a building permit will be required.

Once you’ve been able to determine that your business conforms to the permissible use for your property, you can proceed forward with your application. Please be aware that based upon your type of business supporting documentation may be required. For example, if your business is located within the City of White Rock a floor plan/layout of your business will be required. For licenced contractors, such as plumbers, a copy of your Trade Qualification ticket will be required.

Once your application has been submitted, staff will review your application for completeness and compliance with the City’s Bylaws. If your business is located within the City of White Rock an inspection may be required from White Rock Fire Department and a City Building Official. Staff will contact you to arrange an available time for your Business Licence inspection. Please note that the business will have to be set-up in advance of the inspections occurring.

Once your business licence has been approved, it will be emailed directly to you.

To make your business licence application please following one of the links below:

  1. Business Licence

    Physical Address
    15322 Buena Vista Avenue
    White Rock, BC V4B 1Y6

Personal Business Licence

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Retail Business Licence Opens in new window

Contracting Business Licence

Business Licence Renewals 

If you operate a business in White Rock, you are required to have a valid Business Licence, which must be renewed annually. Renewals for business licences are on the anniversary date from the day the licence was approved. Notices for renewals are sent out a month in advance of your anniversary date, if you renew your licence before your anniversary date you receive a 10% discount on your business licence. If you haven’t signed up for MyWhiteRock, please be sure to do so that you can receive your annual renewal notice by email.

If you do not renew your business licence on or before the anniversary date the business licence will expire. Operating a business without a valid licence may result in a fine of $200 per day.

Changes to your business 

If you have a change of address, change of name, or change of ownership; please login into your MyWhiteRock account to make changes to your business licence.

Search Business Licenses

Business Licence Search - Search businesses by name or address.

Business Location Map

Use the Business Location Map to find the number and types of businesses in any area within the City. You can also use the filter feature to display a specify business type on the map and view details about the businesses.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to use the Business Location Map. 

Monthly Business Activities

Look up new business licence applications data and statistics by month.


If you have additional question or need assistance, please contact staff at 604-541-2139 or