Is our water safe?

Yes. The City of White Rock is committed to providing safe and clean water to its water users. That is why we monitor and test the water and distribution system on a regular basis and address water and infrastructure matters. Having ownership of the water utility provides us with the opportunity to make decisions to further enhance the City’s water quality beyond what is mandated by Health Canada and Fraser Health.

Fraser Health, as the regulatory agency for drinking water in this jurisdiction, has no public health concerns in regards to the City of White Rock's water safety or quality.

Fraser Health has also created a resource with answers to frequently asked questions about the safety and quality of the City's water. You can find the above information at Fraser Health and navigate to City of White Rock Drinking Water. Fraser Health will continue to monitor the quality of drinking water in the City as per the health authority's legislated mandate and established regulations.

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1. Is our water safe?
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