How will the City operate the water system?

The City of White Rock is the sole owner and operator of this facility. The City runs the day-to-day operations and ensures the quality and safety of the water supply.

To do this, the City has taken some key steps to ensure it has the expertise to provide the residents of White Rock quality water. For example, since taking ownership of the water utility, the City has:

  • Applied for provincial and federal infrastructure grants not available to private companies to address naturally occurring arsenic and manganese in the City’s water
  • Hired an international award winning Utilities Manager with extensive experience working with water utilities and providing award winning clean water
  • Partnered with RES'EAU WaterNET, a research organization out of UBC that is able to tap into a vast network of experts nationally and internationally who can help us achieve our goals as we move towards building the arsenic and manganese treatment processes

The City will operate the treatment processes, prepare and execute capital and maintenance plans, read water meters, perform water quality testing, and prepare annual reports

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1. How will the City operate the water system?