Does discharged water affect the environment?

No. The City takes special precautions to ensure that the quantity and quality of the water flushed is safe for disposal. Before doing any field work, the City investigates water disposal routes and ensures that they are of adequate capacity to receive the water and are not sensitive to the flow. In most cases, the water is sent to stormwater collection system, or to a drainage ditch. During flushing, the field crew monitors disposal of the water, reduces its energy to prevent erosion, and adds dechlorination pucks to remove any chlorine.

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1. What is water main flushing?
2. What are water mains?
3. Why are you "flushing" the water mains?
4. How do you clean the water mains during flushing?
5. How long does it take to flush the water mains on each street?
6. How will I know when you are flushing water mains on my street?
7. Can I use my water when you are flushing the water mains on my street?
8. My in-home medical equipment requires water to operate. What should I do?
9. What do I do if I need water during the time that I am not supposed to use water?
10. I have time delayed appliances or water conditioning systems. What should I do?
11. Is the Fire Department aware of the water main flushing?
12. Will I notice anything different after you have flushed the water mains?
13. How do I get rid of the discoloured appearance?
14. What should I do if the water is still discoloured after two or three hours?
15. What if someone drinks the water when it is discoloured?
16. What else may I notice about my water after you have flushed the water mains?
17. Why can't you flush the water mains at night?
18. Where will you drain the water used in the flushing program?
19. Does discharged water affect the environment?
20. Do other cities have similar water main flushing programs?
21. I lost water service. Why, and what do I do?
22. Why does flush-water (hydrant or at the tap) appear discoloured?
23. Is the water safe to drink?
24. How will you pay for the water main flushing program?
25. Will I be paying for the water used in flushing?
26. Is water main flushing a waste of water? Is this counterproductive to conservation?