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Event Volunteer Application Form

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  4. Would you or your group consent to a criminal record check, if required?*

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  6. What times are you available during these events (select all that apply)*

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  11. SECTION I (1) The Group shall: a) provide a written list of all volunteers (including dates of birth) under the Community Partners program, to ensure that individual volunteers are covered by the City of White Rock’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance. b) designate a contact person who will assure that all participants are responsible and that all minors, under the age of 18, have been given parental permission to participate and are provided with adult supervision; (2) Individual volunteers, as directed by the Organization, shall: a) follow the instructions provided by the City of White Rock regarding the safe performance of work; b) not hold the City of White Rock liable for any damages or injury to themselves arising out of the work performed, by them unless it is caused by the negligence of the City;

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