3D Mapping System

Click here to explore White Rock in 3D. 3D mapping Opens in new window

Explore 3D helps address complex planning and development challenges using advanced technology. Our virtual model lets us see different ideas in 3D, allowing city planners, policymakers, and the community to explore, assess, and visualize urban planning issues and their impacts, making complex concepts more accessible.

It facilitates complex analyses such as line-of-sight studies and weather simulations and improves communication through engaging, easy-to-understand visual representations. The 3D map serves a different purpose than the platform known as WROMS (2D Mapping), and for practical and technical reasons, the former is not a duplicate of the latter.

To get the most out of this platform, you will have to explore each tool (widget). Check out these how-to videos for how to use the widgets in the application:

Measurement      Cumulative Shadow

Elevation Profile    Weather    Slice Tool

*Note the performance of the 3D Map hinges in part on your computer's processing power and internet connection.

**Don't use the map to make business and legal decisions. For those circumstances, please contact Planning and Development Services. 

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