Construction Activity in White Rock

In White Rock, a number of new developments will be under construction over the next 5 to 6 years that reflects this growth and evolving market trends towards developing vibrant and successful Town Centres. The new developments will complement the existing mix residential-commercial space and shops by adding new apartment buildings, shops, offices and a larger customer base for businesses. These developments will also improve the walkability of our community, and provide residents and visitors with various public amenities including improved sidewalks, plazas and parks.

Redevelopment of Large Properties

Many of the City’s new development projects involve the redevelopment of large properties, close to existing residential and commercial areas and adjacent to major streets.  As mentioned, between four to six new major developments will be under construction in the Town Centre area in the next 5 or so years. At least four of these, located within three blocks of each other, are anticipated to be under varying stages of construction at the same time. 

Purpose of Portal

As new construction will require parking areas for construction workers (as they are not permitted to park on City streets) and identifying long-term sidewalk and road usage areas for construction activities, the Communications Department has developed a ‘Construction Information Portal’ on the City’s website. This portal includes maps and information sheets that provide ‘easy-to-access and at-a-glance’ information regarding the construction of new projects: where they are located, what is contemplated for the site, who is constructing them, and how the needs of local residents and visitors will be accommodated during their construction.