Engineering & Operations

The Engineering and Municipal Operations Department is responsible for the City’s infrastructure assets, ensuring that essential services are available when needed by the community. Municipal services and infrastructure provide a high quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors focusing on the environment, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility.


Engineering plans, designs, and constructs the public infrastructure necessary for a safe sustainable quality of life for White Rock residents, businesses, and visitors. It regulates activities and construction on City rights-of-way to safeguard infrastructure and services by approving all designs for work on City right of ways, inspecting works installed by private developers that become municipal property (e.g., roads, sidewalks, traffic control measures, drainage, sanitary sewers, water mains), and issuing driveway access permits and permits to work within municipal road allowance.



Operations operates and maintains infrastructure and proactively responds to emergencies related to transportation, parks, facilities, and city vehicles. Operations also operates and maintains utility infrastructure on a 24/7 basis including drainage, sanitary sewer, water, and solid waste.



Parks is responsible for the maintenance and operations of White Rock’s parks infrastructure which includes parks administration, maintenance contracts, horticulture, arboriculture, turf, management, and irrigation. Additionally, Parks develops, schedules and carries out maintenance programs; makes recommendations for amendments to policies and bylaws; and develops, coordinates and prioritizes safety procedures and standards.