Community Climate Action Plan

The City of White Rock has developed a Community Climate Action Plan to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the community. 

This plan, adopted in 2010, helps the City to address provincial legislative requirements, and supports their voluntary commitment to the BC Climate Action Charter and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. 


The Community Climate Action Plan is structured around five theme areas that have the greatest impact on energy consumption and GHG emissions within the community, including: 

  1. Land Use
  2. Buildings
  3. Transportation
  4. Alternative Energy Supply
  5. Bridging Climate Change and Sustainability

Summary of Themes and Actions 

Land use 

  • Action-1: Develop Sustainable Design Guidelines to encourage energy efficiency in development and re-zoning applications


  • Action-2: Develop a revitalization financial incentive to encourage energy efficient buildings
  • Action-3: Promote existing energy efficiency programs and incentives to residents, businesses and organizations 


  • Action-4: Work with TransLink to improve and expand public transit amenities and services 
  • Action-5: Increase opportunities for residents to use alternatives modes of transportation 
  • Action-6: Deliver outreach to encourage idling reduction

Alternative Energy Supply

  • Action-7: Conduct a pre-feasibility study of alternative energy opportunities in the community 
  • Action-8: Promote installation of solar hot water systems
  • Action-9: Ensure that City building inspectors are trained and equipped to respond to alternative energy technologies 

Bridging Climate Change and Sustainability 

  • Action-10: Promote activities to divert waste from landfills 
  • Action-11: Provide space for community gardens to increase opportunities for local food supply
  • Action-12: Work with Epcor to encourage water use efficiency 
  • Action-13: Develop an education and outreach strategy around the Community Climate Action Plan to build awareness and support for ongoing plan implementation Action-14: Demonstrate leadership in climate action by developing and implementing a corporate climate action plan