Special Events Approval

White Rock Fire Rescue is committed to promoting public safety at special events and encourages organizers, sponsors and vendors to be familiar with fire and life-safety practices and procedures.

Event Organizers

Event organizers occupying any portion of City of White Rock Parks, Recreation and Culture facilities are required to seek relevant permits from White Rock Fire Rescue if applicable.

The event organizer must supply each vendor with all information required for loading in and out of the special event. The event organizer will be responsible for maintaining compliance of fire and safety codes by on site vendors.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Contact the Fire Prevention Division for any clarification of these responsibilities.
  • Fire lanes must be kept clear at all times after the allotted loading time.
  • Food vendors must familiarize themselves with the regulations.
  • Vendors will comply with all fire and safety regulations at all times while participating in special events. They should be ready for a fire inspection one hour before the start of the event or at any time throughout the duration.
  • Vendors will work with the event organizer to comply with rules for loading in and out of the event.


A Fire Prevention Inspector may attend your event before and during the activity for the safety of life and property. For more information contact White Rock Fire Rescue at 604-541-2121.