Roads & Streets

Cars stopped at red light in City

The City's Public Works department manages road repair and maintenance including pothole repair, road markings, street cleaning, sidewalk maintenance, and traffic signs. Learn more about each item below.

To submit a Request for Service:

  • Submit a Request for Service online 
  • Call the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604-541-2181 (Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday)
  • If you call after hours, please press 2 to automatically be forwarded to Fire Dispatch
  • Email

Road Rehabilitation is required when the road structure can no longer support vehicle traffic. 

The City’s Paving Program is aimed at improving the road infrastructure and ensuring better drainage and safer driving conditions. 

Road Reconstruction involves:

  • The addition of curb and gutter to direct surface drainage to catch basins
  • The insertion of improved structures
  • The removal of the existing pavement
  • The removal of the road materials below the pavement surface
  • Sidewalks may be added depending on the classification of the street and pedestrian demand

The City has 40 kilometres of roads to reconstruct and the City's road reconstruction plan is to complete approximately 0.5 kilometres per year.

View the Capital Projects dashboard  to learn about the paving locations and other capital projects throughout the City.

Truck Routes

A truck is a vehicle exceeding 5,500 kg GVW. Read the full definition and view a map of the City's Truck Route in the Street & Traffic Bylaw No. 1529.

White Rock's Truck Route includes:

  • North Bluff Road
  • Marine Drive
  • Stayte Road
  • Thrift Avenue (partial)
  • Finlay Street (partial)
  • Best Street (partial)
  • Oxford Street (partial)
  • Nichol Road (partial)

Truck travel is restricted to the truck route, except when a truck’s origin or destination is not located on the network. In those cases, a truck must take the shortest route from the network to their destination and back.


Improvements to the boulevard on City property must meet the approval of the City Engineer. If you wish to improve your boulevard, a Road Alteration Permit is required. The City does not accept responsibility for the landscaping and maintenance of boulevards adjacent to private property.

Learn more about boulevard improvements.


For more information on streets and roads in White Rock, contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at 604-541-2181 or email