Tree Management


The purpose of tree management is to ensure the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the City's natural environment - namely, the preservation and protection of mature, healthy trees in the community.

Tree management is guided and regulated by two key documents:

Tree Management Permit

Tree management permits are the principal instrument used by the City to preserve and protect existing trees, control the appropriate removal of protected trees, and review the replanting of replacement trees in accordance with the Tree Protection Bylaw (PDF). The process of tree management differs between private trees and City trees.

A Tree Management Permit is a tool used by municipalities to regulate the cutting and/or removal of trees on private property 


Tree Inventory

If you've seen a tag with a number on a tree, it's because that tree has been counted in the City of White Rock's tree inventory. Staff are creating a database of trees on City property. Once completed, the City will have an inventory of these important assets.

For more information on the tree inventory database, contact Engineering and Municipal Operations Department by email or by call 604-541-2181.

Inquiries & Complaints

For inquiries or concerns related to trees located on private property, please contact the Tree Preservation Official in the Planning and Development Services Department at 604-541-2143 or email

For inquiries or concerns related to trees located on City land, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations at 604-541-2181, or email