City Trees

Green and Cherry Blossom trees on City property

The City of White Rock is to manage, preserve and enhance trees on City lands while taking into consideration established views from White Rock properties and scenic views in the City, as outlined in Policy 611 - Tree Management on City Lands (PDF). The long term objective is to ensure the sustainability of the City's urban forest assets by increasing the number of healthy trees and amount of tree canopy in the City, without negatively impacting established views that are important to City of White Rock property owners and the City.

Management of City Trees

  • The City manages trees on City Lands
  • The planting of trees, shrubs or other vegetation on City lands by White Rock and its authorized agents.
  • The pruning or removal of a City tree is the sole responsibility of the City of White Rock and its authorized agents.
  • Trees considered to be joint property of the City and a property owner when any part of the tree trunk crosses a shared property line.

City Tree Management Application Form

There are four types of City tree applications:

  • Pruning or removal for view restoration
  • Pruning
  • Removal and replacement or protection in conjunction with building permit, development permit, subdivision, or demolition permit.
  • Removal

View the City Tree Management Permit Application Form.

More Information

For more information, please view Policy 611 - Tree Management on City Lands (PDF). For questions regarding trees on City Land, please contact Engineering and Municipal Operations Department 604-541-2181.