Recycling Program

Collection & Containers

The City of White Rock provides weekly curbside recycling for single family homes, eligible townhouses and apartment complexes of 6 units or less. Recycling is collected in 3 streams and items must be sorted into the appropriate container for recycling:

  • Red box is for non-deposit glass container recycling
  • Yellow bag is for paper / cardboard / newspaper recycling
  • Blue box is for plastic and metal container recycling
Recycling Examples

Recycling containers are available for purchase and pickup. There is a fee for red and blue recycling boxes. If you would like to purchase blue or red recycling boxes or require a yellow bag:

Which Container to Put Recycling In?

Not sure if the materials should be placed in the blue box, yellow bag or red box for recycling?

Please do not put recycling curbside in any other type of bag or container. These containers will not be collected.

  • Cardboard must be flattened, folded or cut to fit inside the yellow recycling bag. We cannot collect larger pieces of cardboard so the crews will leave any cardboard that is not in the recycling bag.
  •  Glass must be placed into the red bin because of its tendency to break and contaminate other recyclables. Glass is still a recyclable product, but will not be accepted in your blue recycling bin.
  • It is important that only the correct items go in your recycling bag and boxes. If your bag or box contains items the City does not collect curbside, we can not collect your recycling. If possible, the crew will leave a sticker on the bag or box to let you know why it could not be collected.

Recycling Resources

Not sure if an item can be recycled? Enter the material or item in the City's Put Waste In Its Place app for options.

More Information

Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia. The City of White Rock participates in the Recycle BC program. For more information on the program please visit Recycle BC.