Water System

The City's Engineering & Operations Water department conduct the maintenance and day-to-day water operations for the water treatment plant, 2 pumping stations, 3 reservoirs, 80 km of pipes, 7 wells and 361 fire hydrants.

Cross Connection & Backflow

Review information about backflow prevention and cross connection control with the water system.

Water Serviceability

Residents and developers are required to confirm that proposed buildings can be serviced with water prior to the issuance of a building permit. 

Fire Hydrants

Learn about fire hydrants in White Rock, maintenance and use permits.

Water Leaks

The City is responsible for leaks from water pipes on City property.

Service Application Forms

Locate Water Services

Use the White Rock Online Mapping System (WROMS) and select City Map

  • Zoom in or out to the area of interest
  • On the left side menu, choose the “Layers & Legend” to view all options 
  • Select ‘Infrastructure’ and choose the water folder to see all water layer options (water hydrant, water mains, water tanks, etc.) The map will populate the features as selected.

White Rock digital map