Water Serviceability

Residents or developers must confirm that proposed buildings can be serviced with water, prior to applying for a single family or duplex building permit or subdivision application.

Servicing requirements are:

  • Backflow prevention is provided to protect the distribution system
  • Existing hydrant(s) are within a reasonable distance to the proposed building and with adequate flow
  • Pressures in the nearest watermain are suitable for sprinkler fire protection to NFPA 13D (as required by Sprinkler Bylaw No. 1683)
  • Property is reasonably close to a suitable watermain

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the application documents

If the person applying for the water serviceability report is not an owner of the property, please have an agent authorization form signed by the owner(s).  Scan and save the form in a PDF file format. This form will need to be uploaded when you apply online.

Online Form: The fastest way to receive your water serviceability report

Email form:

Step 2: Serviceability report

The City will then submit all applications to Kerr Wood Leidal for review.  

The Serviceability Report may take up to 10 business days to complete. The applicant will be sent an email once the report is ready to be downloaded from the City's online portal.