Town Centre Urban Design Plan and Guidelines

Drafted in 2011, Town Centre Urban Design Plan and the accompanying Guidelines were created to guide and regulate future development within the Town Centre (that area between North Bluff Road, George Street, Thrift Avenue, and Martin Street) over the next 25 years. The contents of these documents formed the foundation of the Town Centre chapter and the Town Centre Development Permit Area guidelines contained within the White Rock Official Community Plan.

Town Centre Urban Design Plan

The overall purpose of the Town Centre Urban Design Plan (the “Plan”) is to develop a long-term vision for the Town Centre that will result in mixed commercial/residential growth and a healthy business environment. The Plan is expected to be implemented on an incremental basis, as and when various properties are assembled and/or redeveloped.

Town Centre Urban Design Guidelines

The Town Centre Urban Design Guidelines (the “Guidelines”), however, provide specific guidance and detail regarding the design of new private and public building developments (the “built form”), and new public realm improvements (such as streetscape works, public open space, parks, and other features). These guidelines shall be applied when designing, reviewing, and approving all projects within the White Rock Town Centre area.

While both documents should be read in tandem, the Plan is the ‘general roadmap’, while the Guidelines constitute the ‘design blueprint’. Wherever possible, the contents of these plans should be considered and implemented in any development proposal application located within the Town Centre.