Changing Names or Mailing Address 

Two ways to update your contact information

Mailing Address Changes:

To change the mailing address for your Property Tax and Utility account, contact BC Assessment at 1-866-825-8322 or fill in the change of address form online.

BC Assessment will update your address and then forward the address change to the City. By making the change through BC Assessment, you will ensure that you receive your annual Property Assessment Notice from BC Assessment in January.

Note: When filling out change of address forms, White Rock's Area is 14 and our Jurisdiction is 236.

Name Changes:

The only method of updating your name is through the Land Title Office, as this will update your property's BC Assessment Notice and Land Title Information on file with the City.  You may update your name free of charge online under the Property Owners section of the Land Title Office website.  

Note: Any changes made through the Land Title Office will change your access code for MyCity and E-Billing. Contact the finance department for assistance at 604-541-2280 or email

How names and addresses are managed for Property Tax and Utility accounts

The City of White Rock mails property tax notices and utility bills to the property owners on file - the City does not mail notices to tenants. The owners' name and address is provided to the City by BC Assessment. Both the tax notice and the utility bill are mailed to the same name and address and cannot be directed to different addresses.  

Note: For most strata properties, the utility bill is mailed to the strata or property management company; individual owners do not normally receive a water utility bill.