Parking Questions and Answers

Have a question about parking in White Rock? Below are answers to your frequently asked questions about:

  •  Yellow Resident Pay Parking Decals
  • Orange Centennial Arena Pay Parking Decal
  • Resident Parking Permit Hang Tags
  • Parking Appeals  
  • Pay Parking

Yellow Resident Pay Parking Decal  

Are the Yellow Resident Parking Decals pro-rated throughout the year?
No, the price does not change throughout the year.

Can I use the Yellow Resident Parking Decal in the Parkades?
Yes. They are valid in the Parkades.

Can I use the Yellow Resident Parking Decal at Centennial Arena?
Yes. They are valid at the Arena.

How long can I park with my Yellow Resident Parking Decal?
The decal is valid for up to four hours per day in any of the pay parking zones in the city, including the Waterfront, Peace Arch Hospital and Centennial Arena.

Is my Yellow Resident Parking Decal valid in Permit Parking Only Zones?
No. To park in permit parking areas you must  display a Resident Parking Permit Hang Tag.  

Is my Yellow Resident Parking Decal valid in time limited parking spots throughout the City
You can park in a time limited space, but you must obey the time limits posted.  For example, you cannot park for four hours in a two-hour time-limited space.

Is my Yellow Resident Parking Decal transferable between vehicles?
No. Each vehicle must have its own decal.

How many Yellow Resident Parking Decals can I buy?
There is no limit to the number of decals you can buy, but the owner of the vehicle must live in White Rock and the vehicle registration is for the address in White Rock.

Is my Yellow Resident Parking Decal valid for parking on the street around the Peace Arch Hospital?
You can use your decal to park in the City’s pay parking areas around the Peace Arch Hospital. For other street parking you follow the signage when parking on the street. This includes not parking in Permit Parking-Only parking spaces, unless you have the appropriate Resident Permit Parking Hang Tag. (You would have this if you live on the block or the next adjacent block.)

Is my Yellow Resident Parking Decal valid for parking in the Impark parking lots around the Peace Arch Hospital?
No. Those are private lots. Please refer to the signage posted in these lots for rate and payment instructions.

I don’t live in White Rock, but my senior parents do, and I drive them to the beach. Can I buy a Yellow Resident Parking Decal?
No. Only residents may buy a decal. If your parents have a vehicle, they can buy a decal.

What happens if I have to replace my windshield?  How do I get a new decal?
Ideally, before your windshield is replaced, remove your decal. Usually using a blow dryer will soften the glue enough to remove it. You can then place it on your new windshield. Contact the City at 604-541-2148 and we can arrange for a replacement decal if it could not be removed.

What happens if I sell my car and get a new car?  How do I get a new decal?
Ideally, before you sell your vehicle, remove your decal.  Usually using a blow dryer will soften the glue enough to remove it.  You can then place it on your new car’s windshield.  If you got a new licence plate, please contact the City at 604-541-2148  to update your vehicle information.  Contact the City to arrange a replacement decal if the decal could not be removed.

Orange Centennial Arena Pay Parking Decal  

Can I use the Orange Centennial Arena Parking Decal in pay parking other than Centennial Arena?
No, this decal is only valid at the Centennial/Ruth Johnson Park pay parking areas. 

Resident Parking Permit Hang Tags

How many Resident Parking Permits can I buy in  Permit Parking Only Areas?

  • You can buy up to four permits for each dwelling unit. Where there is a suite within a house, those who live in the suite can buy up to four permits.
  • You can buy up to four permits can be  for each unit within a condominium or apartment building.

Who can use the Resident Parking Permits?
The permits can be used by residents or their visitors.

What happens if I need more than four Resident Parking Permits? For example, what if I am having a party?
Temporary one-day permits for special events can be acquired from the Finance Department at City Hall. These permits are free of charge. Please follow the orders around gathering provided by the Provincial Health Officer.

What happens if I lose my Resident Parking Permit?

  • Each year, you can buy up to four replacement permits per dwelling unit from the Financial Services Department at City hall. 
  • The serial numbers of the lost permits will be recorded and any vehicle found displaying the lost permit will be ticketed or possibly towed at the owner’s expense.
  • You will be required to inform the City of which serial numbers you still have before you can buy a replacement permit . This is to ensure that the lost permit serial number can be recorded.

Parking Appeals  

How do I appeal my parking ticket?
You can appeal your ticket using the City’s online appeals’ form. Appeals must be received within seven days of when the ticket was issued.

I don’t have a computer. Can I appeal in person or by mail?
If you cannot use our online appeals’ form, you may pick up a paper form at City Hall.  While City Hall is closed due to COVID-19, forms can be found in the rack outside the main entrance of City Hall, 15322 Buena Vista Ave. 

If I appeal my ticket and it’s denied, will I still be able to pay the reduced amount?
You will have seven days from the date the appeal is denied to pay the reduced amount.

Why was my Parking Ticket appeal denied?
Below are some typical reasons that ticket appeals are denied.

  • Getting change to pay for parking
  • Waiting for a train to clear the tracks
  • Stopping to use the restroom
  • Did not see the posted signage
  • Did not see the fire hydrant or handicap sign
  • Delayed at the restaurant
  • Not aware of by-laws / parking rules

A friend was using my vehicle when the ticket was issued. Do I still have to pay?
Yes. The ticket must be paid.  The owner of the vehicle is responsible for any tickets issued.

What form of payment can I use to pay a ticket?
The City has an online payment system where you can pay by Visa or Mastercard.  You can also mail in a cheque or place a cheque in the City Hall drop box at 15322 Buena Vista Ave..  Please include the ticket with your cheque.  You may also pay in person at City Hall.

Pay Parking

When must I pay for parking in the Waterfront area?
Pay Parking is in effect from 10 a.m. to midnight.

Do I have to pay if I have a valid White Rock resident's decal?
Your valid decal still entitles you to a daily maximum of 4 hours free parking in the City of White Rock pay parking areas:

  • Centennial Park pay parking in the lots and on the street
  • Marine Drive pay parking in lots and on the street
  • Peace Arch Hospital pay parking lots on the street

Do I have to display the receipt on my dashboard?
No. Keep your receipt handy to refer to your stall/space number and expiry time so you can easily extend your stay at any of the conveniently located dispensers or by telephone.