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Mayor & Council

  1. Delegation Form
  2. Request a Milestone Letter from the Mayor
  1. Invite the Mayor to Speak at an Event

    Throughout the year, many groups invite Mayor Walker to attend and/or speak at their event. By filling out this form, City staff can... More…

Recreation and Culture

  1. 2020 White Rock Special Event Application

    Please complete this form and submit it for approval. You may email if you have any questions. DEADLINE FOR... More…

  2. 71st Annual Sea Festival Parade Application Form
  3. City of White Rock Performer Application

    The City of White Rock presents a variety of events year round and is interested in finding amazing talent to help us entertain and... More…

  4. Event Volunteer Application Form
  5. Sea Festival Vendor Application Form
  6. WhiteRockREG Contact Form

    Please fill out the form below describing the issue(s) you are having and we will contact you and answer any concerns you may have.

  1. 2021 Landmark Pop-Up Town Gallery Application

    Teams of artists are invited to submit proposals to occupy and utilize the retail space located at 15140 North Bluff Road (Central... More…

  2. Canada Day by the Bay Vendor Application Form
  3. Event Marketing Questionnaire

    Welcome, this questionnaire is intended to provide us with details about your event so that we can better aid in it's promotion to make... More…

  4. Facility Request
  5. White Rock Filming Application Form

    Information provided by production companies requesting to film in the City of White Rock