City Regulations Assistant

The City of White Rock is excited to unveil the City Regulations Assistant (Beta), a new, sophisticated tool developed to provide the public with easy access to information at any time. This initial pilot release will concentrate on delivering general information available on our website, with a focus on the City's Bylaws and Regulations. 

Click the image below to access the City Regulations Assistant. 

City Regulations Assistant

Please phrase your questions clearly and provide sufficient context to help CRA generates accurate and relevant response. You can have back-and-forth conversation with CRA by selecting the suggested Follow-up question(s). If you are interested in reading the supporting content, select the Citations link.

Note: the CRA does not search the Internet and it can't respond to queries that are not related to city bylaws and statutory regulations.

We are committed to continuously refining and improving this service to ensure it best meets the needs of our users. If you wish to provide feedback on your experience, please complete our survey.

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