Parks Dedication Program

Throughout the City, many citizens have participated in our Parks Dedication Program. Through their generosity, they have left a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. There is a limit of one plaque per dedication item:

Dedication TypeInitial DedicationRenewal Dedication
Bench dedication$6800$2120
Drinking fountain$7280$3640
Light standard$3290$1640
Picnic table$7280$3640

At present, there are no dedication items available on the Pier or waterfront and no further additions are planned. All dedications/donations are accepted on the basis that they will be maintained for a maximum period of 10 years. View the Dedication Program Policy (PDF) for more details. Renewal options will be made available at the end of 10 year time period.

Visit the Operations Department to pick up a Parks Dedication Form.

Museum Dedication Program, Train Campaign

The Train Campaign is a community-building activity, offering community members the opportunity to purchase a personalized, engraved, brass train plaque to be set in a concrete paving stone and installed in the promenade outside the Museum + Archives.

The Train Campaign offers supporters a unique opportunity to:

  • Celebrate an accomplishment
  • Commemorate special occasions
  • Congratulate a friend or family member
  • Honour friends or loved ones

The purpose of the Train Campaign is to raise funds for the revitalization of the Museum + Archives building. The revitalization project will return the building to its original heritage architecture by restoring the architectural concept of an open breezeway in the east-central portion of the building. The new design allows for a greatly expanded public space.

More Information

For further details or to purchase a train plaque please contact:
White Rock Museum and Archives
14970 Marine Drive
White Rock, BC V4B 1C4
Phone: 604-541-2222
Email the Museum