Online Recreation

City of White Rock’s Recreation and Culture are pleased to offer some of your favorite fitness and yoga classes online. 

Get Moving with our online exercise videos posted below. 

Before participating in these classes we encourage you to take the online ParQ+ fitness assessment. It is the physical activity readiness questionnaire. Please complete this form at least once a year to ensure that you are prepared for physical activity. Please modify any of these online classes to meet your own personal fitness levels, drink lots of water, have fun and stay safe!

We’re bringing our fitness classes to you!

Chair Yoga

A safe and gentle yoga  class  incorporating a chair and standing postures, breathing techniques and guided mediation.

Video length: 30 minutes

Standing Stability 60+

A moderate intensity class to improve balance and increase strength. Class incorporates standing exercises  to develop strength in legs and upper body plus a stretching component to help lengthen muscles and reduce stiffness.

Video length: 30 minutes

Stretch and Strength

A strength workout combining both upper and lower body, some light cardio, mat work to strengthen the core and a 10 min relaxing stretch at the end.

Video length: 30 minutes

Zumba Gold

A dynamic and exciting fitness workout to music. Easy to follow choreography focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.

Video length: 30 minutes

Balance Class 65+

Feel more confident in leading a physically active life by gaining the strength you need to move through daily routines.

Begin with supported exercises and progress through strength training and balance movements.

A sturdy chair is the only equipment required.

Video length: 30 minutes

Body Works 50+

Enjoy a fun, full body workout to improve your muscular endurance, functional strength and flexibility.

A set of hand weights (or a weight- alternative) recommended.

Video length: 30 minutes

Yoga with Melanie

A perfect class for all ages that introduces gentle stretching, proper breathing techniques and deep relaxation.

A yoga mat , 2-3 blankets , pillow and chair are required.

Video length: 30 minutes

Zumba Gold Chair

This Zumba chair based fitness program uses all your favorite rhythm music and modifies the dance moves to allow you to be seated while exercising.

A sturdy chair is the only equipment required.

Video length: 30 minutes