Plumbing Permits

A plumbing permit is required under the City of White Rock Building Code Bylaw before constructing, installing, moving, repairing, or altering a plumbing system including, but not limited to:  

  • Interior fixtures (toilet, sink, shower, tub, dishwasher, clothes washer, hot water tank)
  • Sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water service located on private property
  • Installing a lawn irrigation system requiring a domestic water backflow prevention device
  • Installing a new or replacement domestic water backflow prevention device
  • Roof and floor drains

 A plumbing permit is not required:

  • For the repair of leaks in water pipes or for the replacement of plumbing fixtures, provided such fixtures and their installation substantially conform with the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code. 
  • For the removal of stoppages in sewer or drain pipes provided that cleanout vents are utilized for such purposes and it is not necessary to cut any sewer or drain pipe.

How to apply

The fastest way to get your permit is to apply online.

Please note that all plumbing work must be done by a plumber holding a valid British Columbia tradesman’s qualification, and and a current City of White Rock Business Licence; except in the case of an owner and intended occupant of a Single-Family Dwelling (without a Secondary Suite) where the owner personally intends to install, alter, or repair plumbing; in which case, a building official may require the owner to demonstrate competency to perform the work.

Step 1: Gather and complete the application documents

All Permit Types

  • Fill out and sign (electronically) the Plumbing Permit Application, save this form for uploading when you apply online. Each Permit type requires a separate application submission.
  • If the person applying for the permit is not an owner of the property, please have an agent authorization form signed by the owner(s).  Scan and save the form in .PDF file format. 

Commercial and Multi-Family

  • Isometric drawings are required for all commercial and multi-family plumbing permit applications in Part 9 Construction.
  • Any installation/modification within Part 3 Construction must provide drawings wet sealed and signed by a Mechanical Engineer along with Schedule B.

Radiant Hot Water Heating

  • Boiler Layout, Heat Loss Calculation, and Project Reference Sheet are required for all radiant hot water heating permit applications.

Fire Sprinklers

  • Sprinkler layout drawings are required for all sprinkler permit applications. 
  • Any installation with more than 4 new heads or 12 new and relocated heads with solid piping, must provide drawings sealed and signed by a P.Eng. along with Schedule B.
  • Any installation with FLEXIBLE HEADS must provide Friction Loss Calculations and structural design sign-off for uplift of supporting members from P.Eng. along with Schedule B

Lawn Irrigation

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report to be submitted / approved with Engineering prior to calling inspection.

Step 2: Apply online

  • When you have your documents ready, click here to begin the online application
    Watch this step by step video guide on using our new Application Portal.
  • Application fees can be paid through the online application. The City cannot begin the review of your application until fees are paid. 
  • To apply in person, visit the Building Department at City Hall with all the required paper documents.

Step 3: Application review

When the online application is received, the City will perform a preliminary review of the uploaded application form, and supporting documents, to ensure completion. If any required items are incomplete or missing, the applicant will receive an email notifying them of the outstanding item(s) to address before the City can proceed further with a formal application and a comprehensive review.  

Step 4: Issuance

When the application is formally accepted, with the comprehensive review completed, the applicant will be sent an email from City staff noting the required permit fee(s) to be paid prior to issuance of their plumbing permit. Fees can be paid online or in person at City Hall. When fees are paid and the application is approved, the City will issue a Plumbing Permit electronically.

Questions related to the application process can be sent to the Building Department by emailing, or by phone at 604-541-2149. 

Building Permit Triggers 

In certain cases, plumbing changes will also require the applicant to apply for a building permit, if there are any addition or removal of walls, washrooms and/or kitchen interior layout changes and/or any addition or removal of other plumbing fixtures. Please contact the Building Department at for guidance and assess if a building permit is required.