Open-Air Burning & Beach Fires

fire on beach at sunset

Beach Fires are Not Allowed

White Rock has a bylaw that prohibits open-air burning, including beach fires. Open-air burning can result is a minimum fine of $150, and a fine of up to $1,150 during a Provincial fire ban. Review the Fire Protection and Safety Bylaw 2057 (PDF).

Each spring and summer, White Rock Fire Rescue and the White Rock RCMP respond to beach fires at White Rock’s Waterfront—sometimes multiple beach fires in the same night. Adults, children and pets have been seriously burned by beach fires that have been smothered by sand instead of water. 


Beach fires are often difficult to reach due to their location. Responding to fires along the Waterfront and at the railway tracks can tie up emergency resources and delay the response to other serious incidents in the city.  

Beach fires are a risk to ecologically sensitive plants and trees and pose a risk to nearby homes and businesses.

Beach fires produce smoke and odours that can affect the quality of life for those living or working near the Waterfront. 

Fire, RCMP and BNSF Respond

BNSF Railroad Police, joined by the White Rock RCMP, is on rail patrol from May to September. This patrol helps keep the rail tracks and surrounding area safe, including from fires. 

Report a Beach Fire

To report a beach fire in White Rock, call 911 and request fire response. 

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