Subdivision is the legal mechanism used to create new parcels of land. The subdivision of a property or properties may include the creation of new fee-simple or bareland strata lots, airspace parcels, lot line adjustments, strata plan amendments, and strata title conversions.

The Land Title Act gives the power to regulate the subdivision of land to municipalities through an Approving Officer. The Approving Officer ensures each subdivision is evaluated with respect to the following:

  • Community compatibility
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Floodplain construction requirements
  • Necessary utilities, services and access/egress
  • Provincial statutes
  • Public safety
  • Various City bylaws policies, including (but not limited to) the City's Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw, and Subdivision Bylaw

As subdivision applications have many technical requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Planning staff for more information. Additionally, further information is located at our Resources and Documents page.