Zoning Amendment

Each property within the City of White Rock is assigned under a zone in accordance with White Rock Zoning Bylaw, 2012, No. 2000 (PDF) (as amended). This zoning bylaw establishes regulations for the use of land, buildings, and structures in the City of White Rock. It also regulates the location, height, siting, and intensity of development. Other regulations, such as parking requirements and siting exceptions, are addressed in this document.

A zoning amendment (rezoning) is the process of legally changing the zone and associated land uses and densities of a property. Rezoning can change the zoning of a property (or properties) from one designation to another; create a site-specific comprehensive development zone for complex developments and/or the amendment or discharge of a land use contract.

If the use you are proposing for your development is not permitted under the current zoning bylaw you will have to apply for a Zoning Amendment for that property. Further information is located at our Resources and Documents page.

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