Joining a Project Group in Teams


Virtual meetings are the new norm in public engagement. Whether you would like to present at an online public live event or join a development proposal project group meeting, Microsoft Teams is our tool of choice for virtual meetings. The information below will show you how to join a project group by using the Teams desktop application in conjunction with a non-Microsoft email account e.g. Gmail, Shaw account. 

Note: you'll have to be signed in to your City of White Rock (Guest) account in order to present in a Teams meeting. The first step is to ensure you are using a suitable computing device. Follow this link to check if your system meets the Microsoft Teams desktop app system requirements. 

  1. You will receive an email invitation to join the newly formed team.Teams-join-group-1
  2. In the email, you will see the name and description of the team, and a link to join the team. Click Open Microsoft Teams.Teams-join-group-2
  3. Select Open Microsoft Teams.
    If you have not used Teams before, select Download the Windows app option. Follow the directions to create a Teams account using a Microsoft email account or other email (e.g. Gmail) account.Teams-join-group-3
  4. When you sign in to Teams, select the City of White Rock (Guest) account and ContinueTeams-join-group-4
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully signed into the project group using your City of White Rock (Guest) account.Teams-join-group-5

Switch Between Organizations in Microsoft Teams App

If you are already using Teams in your organization, switch to the City of White Rock Teams (Guest) account before joining a meeting or a live event:

  1. Click on your avatar or initials icon.
  2.  Select Accounts & orgs from the drop-down menu.Teams-join-group-6
  3. Choose the name of the organization that you want to switch to, in this case, City of White Rock (Guest).Teams-join-group-7

Another way to switch your account is to log out and then back into Teams, where you will have the option to start to choose the appropriate organization.Teams-join-group-8