How to Present in a Live Event


To keep our community connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding our Public Information Meetings digitally. Applicants can join the meeting as a Presenter to present their proposal and answer questions at the meeting. 

Before the scheduled event

You must first:

  1. Accept the guest invitation and join the project group. Follow this link on How to Join Project Group in Teams
  2. Sign in to the project group using the Teams desktop application.

Joining the live event

  1. Check your email for the Live Event invitation from the organizer. The email will have the event date, time and presenter link.
    Click the Join live event link. Note: this link is different than the event attendee link used by the general public.Teams-live-present-3
  2. Click Open Microsoft Teams to open the event in the Microsoft Teams Windows app.Teams-live-present-1
  3. Check your audio and video settings and click Join now.Teams-live-present-4

Presenting in the live event

  1. Click Screen sharing to share your Desktop screen or Window. When sharing a video, make sure you enable the Include computer sound. After the presentation, do not click the Leave button to exit the presentation. Instead, click on Stop Screen Sharing or wait for the organizer to transition you out of the Live broadcast. Teams-live-present-5
  2. To chat with the organizer, click on the chat icon. Note: the chat function is intended for producers and presenters to communicate and coordinate the Live event and is not visible to the attendees.Teams-live-present-6
  3. If the organizer enables the Q&A functionality, the icon will show up in the menu section indicated below. Teams-live-present-8This section is divided into New, Published, and Dismissed questions:
    New: When a new question is posted, the number next to New will increment. Q&A moderators may opt to reply to the question using a Private reply. Questions that have been answered or that are otherwise unlikely to be useful to other attendees of the event may be dismissed.
    Published: If a question is asked by many people or may be relevant to other attendees, a Q&A moderator may choose to publish the question. When a question is published, the question is moved to the Published section. Any previous private replies to this question are not visible when the question is published.
    Dismissed: New questions can be dismissed and will appear in the Dismissed section. These questions can be restored if needed.

    When there are new Questions or Chat messages, you will notice an indicator over the Meeting Chat or Q&A icons.