Heat Event

Thermometer at high temperature with beaming sun and blue sky

Welcome to the City of White Rock’s heat event page. This resource will be kept up to date from June - September with information involving heat event warnings, emergencies, and resources about how to protect yourself during heat events.

Current Status - No Heat Warning:

No Heat Warning

There is no heat warning currently issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada for the City of White Rock area.

Visit Environment and Climate Change Canada website for more weather information.

Subscribe to notifications of heat events

Sign up for the community notification service Alertable to stay informed of heat and other emergency-related events. Alertable is for anyone, at any stage of emergency preparedness. 

When you receive an alert for a significant emergency from the City, you will receive clear and direct instructions on how to stay safe. Available as an app for iOs and Android phones and tablets. 

Refer to the Province of BC’s comprehensive heat event resources at preparedbc.ca/extremeheat

What is extreme heat?

An Extreme Heat Emergency is when daytime and nighttime temperatures get hotter every day and are well above seasonal norms.

Extreme heat is dangerous for the health and wellbeing of our communities and is responsible for the highest number of weather-related deaths annually.

Heat Warning

Two or more consecutive days in which daytime maximum temperatures are expected to reach or exceed regional temperature thresholds and nighttime minimum temperatures are expected to be above regional temperature thresholds.

A moderate increase in public health risk.

Extreme Heat Emergency

Heat warning criteria have been met and daytime maximum temperatures are expected to substantively increase day over day for three or more consecutive days.

A very high increase in public health risk.

Temperature thresholds for the Fraser Health Authority region are as follows:

  • Southwest: daytime high of 29 C, nighttime low of 16 C
  • Fraser East: daytime high of 33 C, nighttime low of 17 C

A heat warning would be called for the Fraser Health region if either the 29 degree threshold is met in Southwest B.C. (as measured at YVR Airport) or if the 33 degree threshold is met in Faster East (as measured at Abbotsford Airport).

Recommendations and resources to prepare ahead of time

Planning is key to making sure you are ready for a heat event. If you are able, please make sure you have some of the following:

  • Air conditioning unit in at least one room if possible
  • Two weeks’ worth of any medication (both routine and flare-up/emergency) and inhalers
  • Someone to check-up on you regularly if you live alone
  • Window coverings to block out heat (call 211 to see if there are subsidies/rebates for cooling measures for your home)
  • Portable air cleaners or air filters for your HVAC systems for potential smoke
  • Cold packs in your freezer
  • Lightweight clothing and linen
  • Fans to bring cold air in from outside at night
  • A space in the coolest part of your home, such as the basement, once outside temperatures reach 31°C

Ask a health professional how medications or health conditions can affect your risk in the heat.

Stay up-to-date – weather can change quickly. Tune in to weather forecasts and heat alerts. Use a weather app like WeatherCAN.

We also encourage you to have a plan should you need to leave your home due to the heat. This may include planning to stay with family or a friend, or relocating to cooling centres in your community during the hottest part of the days.