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Each year White Rock City Council awards a limited amount of funds to recipients doing work in the community that either benefit the residents of the City or brings favourable publicity to the City raising civic pride and awareness.

Application Submission Information

  • Applications for 2024 are now open.  See bottom of this page for links to the online applications.
  • The submission deadline is February 1, 2024. Applicants can be expected to be notified in April of 2024.
  • The maximum grant available is $1,000 per organization.

General Community Grants-in-Aid Eligibility Criteria

  • All grant recipients must submit a report to the Director of Financial Services disclosing the use of the grant funds on or before December 31. Recipients who do not submit a report will be ineligible to apply for a grant in the subsequent year.
  • The grant must be used to contribute to the general interest and advantage of the City of White Rock.
  • Grants shall not be approved where the stated or likely purpose is to pay for past deficits or debts incurred by the organization.
  • An individual requesting a grant must be a White Rock resident or must be representing White Rock in a provincial, federal, or international event. Notwithstanding, exceptions can be made if the applicant has a current affiliation with the City or has made a significant contribution to the City in the past.
  • Membership in the group, team, or society applying for the grant should be at least 25% from White Rock. Notwithstanding if, in the opinion of the Committee, the group will bring some substantial benefit to the community, then approval may be granted.
  • A sports team or club will only be considered for a grant if they are regional or provincial champions are identified with White Rock, and are participating in national, Western Canadian, or international competition.
  • Preference will be given to new events or programs.
  • Organizations that receive other funding from the City, for example a permissive tax exemption, or operating funding, will be given lower priority than those organizations that do not already receive funding from the City.

You may review the complete policy (PDF).

Submit Your Application

Fill out and submit the appropriate form:

For more information contact or 604-541-2100.

The annual deadline for the receipt of applications is February 1.

Late applications may be accepted until council meeting has been set for the annual award of applications.  If funds are available after the annual awarding of the grants, further applications will be accepted until June 1, 2024. Applications received after June 1, 2024, may be considered outside of the above noted timelines, only if they are of an emergent nature (new circumstances that did not exist prior).  

Contact if you wish to apply after the June 1, 2024 deadline.