Freedom of Information

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request is a formal process to ask for copies of personal records about yourself or someone you are responsible for. It is also a way to access general records (which are not personal in nature) that could be released, in whole or in part, to anyone.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) gives you access to records that are created and compiled by the City. 

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation ensures that public bodies are accountable and open to the public. This is accomplished through a balance of the public's right to "Freedom of Information" and "Protection of Privacy." Learn more at

Submitting a Freedom of Information Request

If you would like to receive information from the City that is not routinely available, you will need to submit a Freedom of Information Request.  Please note that all FOI submissions require a $10 fee.

Records will be provided electronically unless the requestor has specified a preference for hard copies.


Legislation for your request allows for 30-business days, with many requests completed sooner. There are occasions where your request may take longer than 30 days. An effort is made to provide the information as quickly as possible.


FOI requests require an application fee of $10 to be submitted with the request. The Act allows public bodies to charge additional fees for search time in some cases and to charge for production of copies of the information.  


Most of the information held by the City is available to the public, such as answers to questions related to departmental operations, agendas, minutes, bylaws, publications, policies and procedures. However the general right of access to information may be restricted by specified and limited exceptions. For example, a person will not get access to closed Council meeting agendas, minutes or materials, someone else's personal information or information that would harm third party business interests or law enforcement investigations and proceedings. Each request is evaluated individually with regard to the provincial legislation.

Information That Won't Be Released:

  • Bulk property registry data (Assessment Roll)
  • Business license applications (in bulk)
  • Contact information for property owners
  • Disclosure harmful to the conservation of heritage sites
  • Disclosure harmful to law enforcement. Disclosure harmful to business interests of a third party.
  • Disclosure harmful to personal privacy
  • Legal advice given to the City of White Rock
  • Local public body confidences
  • Names and contact information of home owners
  • Policy advice or recommendations


If you have any questions regarding the Freedom of Information process, please call 604-541-2212 or email

FOI requests

Incoming Freedom of Information (FOI) requests will be noted and tracked below. The table will be revised as updates become available. If you have questions, please contact the FOI Department.

2024 Requests

File #Topic (Click for details)Date ReceivedStatutory Response DateExtension or N/AStatusResponse Date (Click for details)Comments
2024-01Flood Records2024-01-292024-03-12
2024-02Road Work - Vine Avenue2024-02-022024-03-18

On hold for fee estimate
File #Topic 
(click for details)
Date ReceivedStatutory Response DateExtension or N/AStatusResponse Date (click for details)Comments
2023-01Municipal Property Tax Sales2023-01-032023-02-14N/ARS2023-01-09
2023-02HVAC Specifications2023-01-042023-02-15N/ARS2023-02- 14
2023-03Flood Information2023-01-092023-02-21N/ARS 2023-01-09
2023-04Strata Information2023-01-172023-03-01N/ARS2023-02-13
2023-05Plan Drawings2023-01-202023-03-06N/ARS2023-02-09
2023-06Building permit for elevator modernization2023-01-202023-03-06N/ARS2023-01-23
2023-07Multi-Family Solid Waste Survey and RFP results2023-01-242023-03-08
IP2023-02-02Partial Response on Survey results provided. File out for Third Party Release and OICP review.
2023-08Cost for Solid Waste Operational Review and RFP for multi-family buildings2023-01-232023-03-07N/ARS2023-02-10

2023-09Bright Walk in White Rock lighting costs2023-01-272023-03-13N/ARS2023-02-14
2023-10Reports/ Plans/ Correspondence for the Newport at West Beach2023-01-302023-03-14N/ARS2023-03-13
2023-11WRFD Records2023-02-082023-03-23N/ARS2023-02-15
2023-12Property Information2023-02-092023-03-27N/ARS2023-03-09
2023-13Mayors Calendar2023-03-102023-04-25N/ARS2023-03-15
2023-14Solid Waste Communication2023-03-102023-04-25N/ARS2023-04-20
2023-15Secondary Suites2023-03-102023-04-25N/ARS2023-04-20
2023-16Encroachments, Boulevard Permits and enforcement2023-03-112023-04-25N/ARS2023-04-24
2023-17Emails on FOI Fees2023-03-142023-04-27N/ARS2023-04-05
2023-18Fire Records2023-03-152023-04-28N/ARS2023-03-14
2023-19City Vehicles Costs2023-03-162023-05-01N/ARS2023-04-21
2023-20City Legal Fees2023-03-172023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-04
2023-21Staff Email Records2023-03-192023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-11
2023-22Recreation Participants Information2023-03-192023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-24
2023-23Scope of Work - HR2023-03-192023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-26

2023-24Recreation Participants Information (2)2023-03-192023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-19
2023-25Rec & Culture Policies and Procedures2023-03-192023-05-02N/ARS2023-04-27
2023-26Fire Records2023-04-032023-05-16N/ARS2023-04-05
2023-27Jingle Bell Rock Event2023-03-272023-05-09N/ARS2023-05-03 
2023-28Lighting Project Information2023-03-272023-05-09
Applicant withdrew the request
2023-29City Staffing2023-03-272023-05-09 - Amended re: Clarification to
2023-30Financial Information2023-03-272023-05-09N/ARS2023-05-03
2023-31Building Permits2023-04-052023-05-18N/ARS2023-04-19
2023-32Bylaw Complaints2023-04-132023-05-26N/ARS2023-05-11
2023-33Frontage Improvements2023-04-132023-05-26N/ARS2023-05-25
2023-34TransLink Projects and Funding2023-04-142023-05-29N/ARS2023-05-10
2023-35Architectural and Structural Drawings2023-04-172023-05-30N/ARS2023-04-28
2023-36Stop Work Order2023-05-012023-06-13N/ARS2023-05-10
2023-37Eleven Pillars/ Twelve Apostles (Housing Committee)2023-05-182023-06-30N/ARS2023-06-20
2023-38Building Permit Information2023-05-312023-07-07N/ARS2023-06-21
2023-39Vacation Rental Business Licences2023-06-022023-07-17
2023-40Complaint Information2023-06-142023-07-27
2023-41Mirrors on Roadways2023-07-062023-08-18
2023-42Residential and Commercial building permits2023-07-212023-09-05
2023-43Arborist Reports2023-07-282023-09-14

2023-44Fire Report2023-08-112023-09-25
2023-45Personal Information2023-08-182023-09-27
2023-46Bylaw Infractions2023-08-242023-10-05
2023-47Fire Records2023-09-112023-10-25
2023-48Tree Management/ Building Permits2023-09-152023-10-31
2023-49Property Information2023-10-012023-11-14
2023-50Property Information2023-10-032023-11-16
2023-51Plan Drawings2023-10-132023-11-27
2023-52Plan Drawings2023-10-192023-12-01
2023-53Tree Report2023-11-212024-01-05
2023-54Thrift and Vidal project2023-12-182024-02-01
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Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Request Terms:

  • File #: FOI requests are assigned a file number for reference purposes. 
  • Topic: A general summary of the request. 
  • Date Received: The date that staff obtained the request. 
  • Statutory response date: 30 business days from the date received. 
  • Extensions: Extensions may be made under Section 10, Section 23, or Section 75 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Extensions may also be granted by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC).
  • Status: The status of a file will be noted as In Progress (IP), Response Sent (RS), Withdrawn (W) or Under OIPC Review (OIPC). 
  • Response Date: The date the City responded to the Requestor and a link to the response letter, subject to any mandatory redaction. 
  • Comments: If further explanation regarding the status of a file is required, the comments will be noted.